Divorce & Blended Family Counseling

Counseling to help families best navigate through divorce, Co-parenting and Blended Family relationships

I work with parents before and/or after a divorce transition. When couples come to therapy looking for a separation or divorce, I can help that process go more smoothly with fewer traumas for the couple and any children involved. I help parents in how to tell their children about a pending divorce or separation. I work with parents after a divorce to co-parent easier by keeping the focus on their children. I help divorced parents avoid putting the children in the middle of their adult conflicts so the stress from the divorce is significantly lessened. I help children adjust to the changes that divorce brings such as having two homes or when a step-parent enters the family system. 

I invite you to contact me to learn more about how I can help. Fill out the contact form or call me at 219-201-8994.

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